Carlos and the Suspiroes

Folk Jazz Singer/songwriter

Carlos and the Suspiroes


Carlos and the Suspiroes is the musical project of trilingual singer-songwriter, guitarist and banjoist Chuck Kroeker. In Spanish, a ‘suspiro’ is a sigh, or perhaps a breath. Figuratively, it is a fleeting moment, like a heartbeat, or the blink of an eye, and that’s what these songs are. If you know some Spanish, you know that the plural is ‘suspiros’ – there’s no E. It's written that way because this is hybrid music, una música mestiza, une musique métissée. 

In 2014, Carlos released his first eponymous CD with, among others, Daniel Roy on the drums and special guest Rayannah on vocals. His second album, entitled If I Wake, was released in December of 2017 with Daniel Roy again on the set, Jane Martens on keyboards and accordion, Jonathan Wong on cello and bass, Ken Gold on flute and sax, and Nancy Finlay on vocals.


Chuck Kroeker
MB Canada
1 204 254 2284


Bitter Convictions [Live] by Carlos and the Suspiroes

Une échappée [Live] by Carlos and the Suspiroes

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