Centric Productions

Centric Productions


Centric Productions is a mulit-award winning video production company in Winnipeg, Started by producer/director Michael Linton in 2004, Centric is dedicated to creating unique and artist-focused videos - from live performance, to full music video production, to documentaries and marketing content, our goal is to work with artists to see their music come alive through motion pictures. We've had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of artists across Canada, as well as many here at home in Manitoba, including The Bros Landreth, Mariel Buckley, Matthew Cardinal +, Kinnie Star, Bullrider, Caleigh Cardinal, Jill Barber, Ruby Waters, Sierra Noble, Ariane Jean (Sala), Andrina Turenne, APTN, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Birthday Cake Records, 100NONS, Two Rock Amps, and many more! 


Michael Linton
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 942 6838


Centric Productions - Music Demo Reel by Centric Productions

Mariel Buckley - Neon Blue (Official Music Video) by Centric Productions

Sala-Oublions l'automne Official video/vidéo officielle by Centric Productions

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The Bros Landreth - Drive All Night Music Video by Centric Productions

Bullrider - Tying the Knot - Live at Stereobus Recording by Centric Productions

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