Clint Giesbrecht

Americana Instrumental Jazz Roots

Clint Giesbrecht


As an up and coming session guitarist and hired gun, Clint Giesbrecht has been making his way into the winnipeg music scene over the past three years working alongside multiple artists. Clint began growing his client base as a session player remotely through social media and has since collaborated with and recorded for artists Diedra Borus, Syd Bomek. Clint also plays lead guitar for country artist Daniel Desorcy, Cold Hard Cash, and numerous other bands as a hired musician  

 Though He hasnt released any of his own music yet, Clint has an extensive collection of examples of his guitar chops and song writing abilities on his social media under the handle, ClintonJoelMusic and grew his social media to around 2000 followers over the past two years.

A love for music and people is what drives Clint to become an in demand guitarist and to help other artists bring their songs to life with his skillset of tasteful guitar riffs and the ability to craft complimentary instrumental parts.


Clinton Giesbrecht
1 204 891 8921

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