Cohen Sieg

Adult Contemporary Indie Pop Singer/songwriter

Cohen Sieg


"Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and film maker hailing from small town Manitoba, Canada. Imagine Ed Sheeran jamming with John Mayer."

At 22 years old, Cohen Sieg has been writing and performing for over half his life. Hailing from Sieg's Corner, MB, he has become a local favourite, while also making his way to festivals and events across the country. Cohen is a folk/pop singer-songwriter who is known for playing love songs on his acoustic guitar, but he is also a talented multi-instrumentalist playing a full band of instruments including bass, keyboard, ukulele, and percussion, to name a few. Cohen is a solo-musician but with the help of his looper, his captivating performances encompass the sounds and impact of a full band. It’s truly a performance that has to be seen in person.

​Cohen has been receiving accolades since his humble beginnings in rural Manitoba, but has quickly expanded his reach, including Los Angeles, CA. where he holds a certificate from the Musicians Institute, College of Contemporary Music, Perth, WA. where he toured in the fall of 2018 and Vancouver, BC. where he co-wrote "The Thought of You" at Nimbus School of Recording & Media with up-and-coming R&B artist Bukola, which featured Dave Genn, the bassist of the 54-40. Following "The Thought of You" and Cohen’s cover of The 1975's "She Lays Down", was his breakout single “Glad You’re My Girl”, which was recorded at Paintbox Recording in early 2020. The single has since gone on be played on CBC radio, be placed on Apple Music’s “Breaking Singer-Songwriter” playlist, and has been streamed globally thousands of times since its release. Most recently, Cohen released “Will You Ever Come Back?”, a deviation in his overall sound which showcases his wide musical range.

​Cohen is showing no signs of slowing down, being a part of the first ever joint RBC Emerging Artists Program and Creative Manitoba Rural Mentorship Program, being reached out to for sponsorships, most notably Qdoba Mexican Eats, anthem singing for the U of M Bison’s and has performed over 150 shows during the last few years, 55 in 2022 alone. This was all accomplished despite being in the middle of a pandemic. Some of Cohen’s career highlights over the past couple years have been performing at the West End Cultural Centre for the “Safe at Home Festival”, Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival, The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, The Gimli International Film Festival and The Winnipeg Folk Festival as part of Stingray Music's "Young Performers Program" in both 2022 & 2023.


Cohen Sieg
Sieg's Corner MB Canada
1 204 268 0971


She Lays Down



"She Lays Down" from She Lays Down


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