Dameon Styles


Dameon Styles


Dameon Styles is vocalist from Winnipeg, Canada who first rose to prominence in the early 80s with his Neo Romantic/ Synth-Pop group, Tokyo Vogue.

The group received much local and national press as well as interest from Capitol Records but were unable to pull the golden ticket before folding.
Dameon since then has performed locally, nationally and internationally including Singapore, Manhattan, Glasgow and Salt Lake City, Toronto Montreal and Vancouver to name a few as well as recording an album of songs as a salute to Rod Stewart called Now Then and Forever”. Prior to that he recorded a 5 song EP  with local producer Chris Burke-Gaffney called “No Shiny Objects” where the single “Love is a Storm” got light rotation on select Canadian radio stations
In 2018 Dameon started working with a few hand- picked producers to record an album which paid homage to the music of Tokyo Vogue.
Dameon has performed for decades with music from pop, rock, country and even as a touring tribute Rod Stewart artist.
Returning to his passion for the British 80s sound sometimes referre to as the “Second” British Invasion.


Damian Stiles
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