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Classical Instrumental Jazz

Danny Carroll



“My vision is to create, perform and record music that aids in the healing of the human spirit, is rooted in heartfelt soulfulness, and guided by intuition.”

Danny’s music lets us enjoy his humorous spirit, his unbounded energy and passion for the keys, and the gentleness of his soul. It soothes, relaxes, enchants and invigorates. His heartfelt connection to sound is evident in everything he plays and creates.

Neo Classical, Classical Crossover

Album "KEYS FOR TRANSFORMATION" released September 1 , 2023,  In association with Enjou (formerly Little Symphony Records)Gentle

Music for KEYS FOR TRANSFORMATION is composed and arranged by Danny Carroll
Melodic Piano, Felt Piano, Strings, Gentle electronics
The intent of this album is to provide a sound healing experience that will help connect you to the sounds of your heart.

Danny's company/label is aptly titled: Sounds of the Heart


Danny has been a regular performer at the “Palm/Oval Room” of the Fort Garry Hotel for 18 years.

Selected Theatre Composing/Sound Design Credits:
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre: It’s a Wonderful Life: a Radio Play,  A Christmas Carol, Gone With the Wind, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, The Tempest. Prairie Theatre Exchange: How the Heavens Go, The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble, Best Brothers, Having Hope at Home. Manitoba Theatre for Young People: Jungle Book, New Canadian Kid, Peter Pan, Night Light. Winnipeg Jewish Theatre: Lenin's Embalmers, Death of a Salesman, Einstein's Gift.

Music Director Credits: It’s a Wonderful Life: a Radio Play, The Tempest, La Cage aux Folles and A MidSummer Night’s Dream - Community Plays (RMTC), Nine, Company (Dry Cold), James and the Giant Peach (MTYP)

Danny has been working at Rainbow Stage as combinations of rehearsal pianist and playing in the pit orchestra from 1993 – 2005, 2015-16, and as Music Director for 2018 “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”, the music of Neil Sedaka. He was inducted into the Rainbow Stage “Wall of Fame” in 2014.

Film and Television: “The Cornish Library” Blue Sky Productions. “Time of Your Life” Soundtrack.  Film by Julian Mitchell. Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre 50th Anniversary Video. "The Lost Dreams of Narcissus and Echo".  – short film by Hersh Seth  - Gimli Film Festival. Partial original music and sound design. Winnipeg Firefighters Museum – Documentary. Riverview Health Centre – “Respect in the WorkPlace” Video. Corporate Videos for Impact Video and Malanka  Productions




"Theatre Soundtrack Demo clips - Prairie Theatre Exchange - How the Heavens Go 2018"



"Healing (transform) - released as a single from the album KEYS FOR TRANSFORMATION"



"Go Gently (neo-classical, classical-crossover)"

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