Darryl Buck

Hand Drum Indigenous Singer/songwriter

Darryl Buck


A proud father and singer from Mosakahikan and Opaskwayak Cree nations. Darryl believes that growing up with his Cree family allowed him to connect with traditions of land, language and ceremony. He has been exposed to ceremony and the hand drum since he was a baby and was taught by the men in his family about the relationship between singer, drum and mother earth. Learning those teachings and carrying the responsibility of a singer, pipe carrier, partner and father have all positively impacted his life and career.

Darryl was born, raised, graduated from college and started his family in Northern Manitoba. In 2014 Darryl moved to Winnipeg, MB where he founded and organized the cultural revitalization and anti-violence initiative All Good in the Hood. He can often be found speaking to students about the importance of hand drum, drumming for our relatives on Winnipeg's streets or travelling around Turtle Island to participate in various round dances. He has shared the gift of round dances with audiences in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and several locations across the USA. In August 2017, he released his first album entitled HOPE - which has been nominated for a 2018 Indigenous Music Award for Best Hand Drum Album.

Darryl believes music can be medicine and motivation for the next generation. He is of the belief that everyone has a song inside of them if only they listen to it. He hopes this music can be medicine that will help you find your own song.


Darryl Buck
Winnipeg MB Canada
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Talking Stick with Darryl Buck by Darryl Buck

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