Deandra Dey



Deandra Dey is a Manitoba born singer songwriter currently residing in the foothills of Riding Mountain National park with her young family. Deandra is a singer-songwriter and novice producer passionate about writing songs and offering a live musical experience that brings us home to ourselves and connects us. The experience she facilitates is intimate, beautiful, heartfelt, and emotive.  When she isn't writing or performing music Deandra works as a counselling therapist, hosts a podcast, and spends time with her family on their developing homestead. 

Deandra's music has been described as folk/soul with smooth vocals and groovy beats. In 2016 Deandra Dey received a Demo Recording Grant from Factor Canada and with this funding released her debut EP “Letters”. Since the release of her debut EP Deandra Dey has released several singles including “Take it Easy”, “Still Dreaming”, “Wait and See” and her most recent EP "Hard Spoken".  You can find Deandra's music anywhere you stream music! 


Deandra Dey Tousignant
Onanole MB Canada
1 431 720 5207

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