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Using nimble artistry to help them across existential tightropes, the progressive Winnipeg-orbiting Dizzy Mystics have been balancing life’s complicated heaviness with reflection and space. Their upcoming sophomore record is the first true Dizzy Mystics album crafted as a bonded collective that serves the big picture above all. Together, Kyle Halldorson (vox/guitars), Alexandre Joyal (guitar), Aaron Bacon (bass), and Nick Pegoretti (drums) embrace their craft’s cathartic, healing abilities, wringing hope and improvement from struggles and sorrow.

The adventurously dynamic unit garnered regional buzz and completed four Canadian tours supporting their internationally acclaimed debut LP Wanderlost in the lead-up to winning the 2020 WCMA award for Metal & Hard Music Artist of the Year. Halldorson and Joyal graduated Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts where they studied music mixing, recording, and production, which played a major role in bringing their next offering to life.

The upcoming music is a product of inner honesty with an exploratory, emotionally charged core that’s guided as much by remarkable beauty as the deepest of pains. It weaves 70s folk/psych rock’s melancholic, uplifting spiritual qualities with proto-metal’s high-octane energy and layers the repetitive builds of post-rock soundscapes. World- and Latin-infused funk inspires complex, dance-y rhythms. Melodies signal Canadian prairie rock, and grunge and sludge metal’s crushing force are revered. The concoction retains the band’s heaviness and intricacy while allowing more atmosphere and breathing room, resulting in their most focused, epic, hook-driven efforts yet.

After being holed up in home studios honing their craft and colluding in private, the quartet is ready to unleash fresh tunes upon eager ears. Launching late 2023 new music with plans for festivals, live performances and special surprises (keep a keen eye on their socials), Dizzy Mystics’ musicianship continues to broaden and bloom as they inject prog rock with crossover innovation and revitalizing electricity.

"Wanderlost is a seamless and organic album which one can very well have on repeat for months and still continue to hear new things. Without a doubt, should you be into rock, alternative music, or progressive metal, Dizzy Mystics is a band to watch out for as they continue to make waves beyond Wanderlost, their near-perfect debut." - Canadian Beats Media.

"With cuts like The Anti-Dream serving as a hip-shaking call to arms for all the alt. metal short wearers in the world sitting so perfectly alongside acoustic shred-fest Rester (Analogue Chameleon), there’s little to criticize here. Heck, that might be because we’re still wrapping our heads around what the hell is going on. A journey you won’t soon forget." - Overdrive Magazine

"If you are a fan of adventurous, very rhythmic prog rock then you've come to the right place at Dizzy Mystics. I have a candidate for my year list." - Rockportaal.nl

"This (Wanderlost) is a fantastic release. A contender for my end of year lists." - Uber-rock.co.uk

"By the time they reached the end of their set, they were in a full assault of all our senses, and you didn't know whether to jump or ride it out. I say let go to Hell and back!" - Blast Toronto


Kyle Halldorson
MB Canada
1 204 770 2967
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"Diamond Duller"



"The Frequent See, Consistent Seas"





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