Dog C. Squirrel

Acoustic Folk Pop Rock

Dog C. Squirrel


Dog C. Squirrel Trio

We are a trio of people with eclectic tastes in music. We courageously explore various genres of music, including folk, rock, jazz, alternative, pop and country to name a few. Mostly cover songs, with a sprinkling of originals.

From practicing finger exercises on a cardboard piano as a child, to flirtations with French horn, clarinet, and percussion in school, Shelley Maslow happily embraced the acoustic guitar as her primary way to express her music. Fast forward a few years, after her experiences with The Brown-eyed Peas, The Diva Project, and the band Southside, Shelley connected with present partner, Mike Warbanski, and instant harmony ensued. Always blessed with talented musical friends, Shelley nudged, cajoled, and convinced partner Mike, and veteran drummer, Brad Friesen, to try something new. Many songs in many genres later and the eclectic meanderings of Dog C. Squirrel were born. The easy-on-the ears vocal and instrumental stylings of Shelley and Mike layered over the rock-solid backbeat and rhythmic flourishes of Brad lead to some fine listening folks! The harmonies and talent are always well received!


Shelley Maslow
265 Centennial Street Winnipeg MB Canada R3N1P4
1 204 470 3152


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Dog C. Squirrel - Please enjoy our first sample of video clips by Dog C. Squirrel

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