Doug Philip

Blues Folk Roots

Doug Philip


Country blues and the roots of folk music. The songs you sing at the end of the day when you're too tired to lift anything but your voice. The songs you play in the night when you can't keep your feet from dancing. Joyful melancholy. Melancholy joyfulness.

Doug Philip is a long-time songwriter, based in the borderlands of western Manitoba. His current recording project - Split Creek Washout - takes the music back to its foundations, sparse arrangements over bare acoustic guitars and vocals. There, the song has to stand on its own - be it with wry humor, or a turn of phrase that turned unexpectedly, or simple honesty too honest to be comfortable.

The songbook is an eclectic one - introspective acoustic blues rolls into a rockabilly banger, broken fingerstyle storytelling may lead to a hillbilly quickstep or a full-on roadhouse blues number.  All new shoots springing from the same gnarled old root wrapped around the touchstone of your soul - the Country Blues.


Doug Philip
Tilston MB Canada R0M2B0

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