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Dr Dsharp


Dr Dsharp is a highly skilled and experienced  performer and musician with vast experience in several musical genre's including afrobeat, hip pop, gospel music and jazz. He is a singer, songwriter, and rapper from Lagos Nigeria whose most recent release se jeje and Melissa are fast gaining acclaim among afrobeat fans globally. Dr Dsharp has performed in Nigeria, US and across Canada and has been described as inspirational, sensational, and infectious by his colleagues in the industry. During his PhD in the State University of New York,  he released an EP titled Revival. The EP featured tracks like Naija Heist, Mr Nobody, A Brighter Day, Change and Rise Up and stormed radio and TV with top chart presence in 2021. With his impressive new releases, Dr Dsharp continues to spread his infectious Melissa sound around the world.


Oluwafemi Adebisi
72 Donald Street Apt 1205 Winnipeg MB Canada R3C1L7
1 204 901 1790


Melissa by Dr Dsharp

Se Jeje by Dr Dsharp

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