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Drum Cafe Winnipeg has been making music since 2006.  The group consists of musicians and dancers who are passionate about African drumming and dance.  Led by Jay Stoller, the group has performed throughout the province at festivals, concerts, African celebrations as well as teambuilding events.  Their live stage shows are highly energetic and present West African drumming and dance, making use of such instruments as the djembe drums, talking drums, dun dun, African xylophone as well as bells and rattles.  Audience members are always encouraged to move their bodies and clap to the music, which is often difficult NOT to do!

Drum Cafe also entertains companies and organizations with a unique, lively and highly motivating teambuilding presentation.  The group will bring an African djembe drum for each participant to play, and the session is led by a team of highly trained facilitators who will get everyone in attendance working together, listening to each other and making some great music.  The group has led audiences up to 800 participants, each having a djembe drum to play.  Very exciting!


Jay Stoller
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 952 9117

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