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Dylan Joe Leonard Band


The Dylan Joe Leonard Band is the brainchild of Manitoba-born songwriter Dylan Friesen. His love for country music stems from his ties to the Metis and Mennonite cultures, as he seeks to incorporate the legacies of these cultural groups into his song-writing. Dylan is accompanied by three other musicians—Jordan Cruise (guitar/banjo/etc.), Jonas Brandt (drums), and Spencer Giesbrecht (bass)—as well as a truckload of friends who have helped this project come alive. The Dylan Joe Leonard Band has a simple directive when it comes to making music—have fun! Their engaging and lively country style encourages everyone to join along, and they will have your feet tapping before long.

As a chronicler of small-town Canadian life, Dylan’s lyrics tell stories that are personal in nature yet universal in scope, a portrait of life on the prairies that speaks to the broader human experience. Weaving together the sounds of traditional Metis jigs, the classic country of Tom T. and Jerry Reed—as well as the indefinable “Canadiana” style that characterizes many musical acts north of the border—The Dylan Joe Leonard Band puts a contemporary spin on a bygone era of musical innovation. Beyond the music, the DJL Band values inclusion and prioritizes awareness of important social issues. Dylan’s lyrics speak to our contemporary moment in a way that is both timely and timeless, seeking to address the deep divisions in our society through stories about struggle, connection, and hope. In the end, The Dylan Joe Leonard Band wants to give you and your friends a foot-stomping good time, and their commitment to old-time country music is sure to do that!


Dylan Friesen
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