Emmanuel B


Emmanuel B


First introduced to “Michael Jackson’s - Thriller” by his father, Abuja native Emmanuel Bamidele grew up immersed in the world of music. Eventually moving to London and allowing himself to be inspired by rappers like Wretch 32, Dave, and Kendrick Lamar, He began to write poems and writeups about the world from his perspective. His art addressed concerns that he had with the prevalent views of his generation and how they differed from his upbringing. His art was received with positive reviews from listeners in church and on social media. Moving to Canada for his Education saw him add rhythm to his already poetic writing, naturally leading him to rap. Gradually, Emmanuel developed a knack for mixing wordplay and narratives into his art, putting his intelligence on full display. He released a couple of tracks on SoundCloud, slowly garnering attention and improving his proficiency in the art of freestyling. The level of detail and research put into his craft got him shoutouts from people like DJ Hed, Avelino, and Ladipoe. Emmanuel has since evolved, expertly mixing influences from Gospel, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

His first official release titled “Demons”, explored the disconnect between his expectations and actual reality. The success and feedback from “Demons” allowed Emmanuel free rein to showcase his understanding of cadence and rhymes in his second record called “Clown Szn”. 

Emmanuel’s genius has also been recognized by like minds. Earning him features on “Lost” by Kozii, “Only God” and “Stuck with you” by Akinyimikar. 

Emmanuel’s debut EP titled “Conflicted” promises to explore his internal struggles with the duality of his nature. Emmanuel raises questions about the want of right but the execution of wrong. 


Emmanuel Bamidele
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 599 2710

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