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Foxwell is a psych-rock band with a new wave bent from Winnipeg, MB.  Ethereal sonic landscapes laden with sparkling synthesizers, searing guitars, and relentless drum machines provide the backdrop for tales of historical figures, pining for the idyll, and the general malaise of life in contemporary society. Singer/Band leader, Mike Fox is backed by a murderer’s row of veteran Winnipeg musicians that transform each live show into an immersive journey that ebbs and flows between structure and chaos, melody and noise.  Experimental cello excursions give way to drum and bass dance jams between songs, creating a seamless flow to each performance.  

Recorded in the Winter of 2023, Foxwell's debut EP - Just So presents a harmonious blend of artful pop music.  The dynamic of the album stretches from a cello-lead psych-ballad to pulsating, new wave bass grooves with fuzzed-out guitars.  Fox’s vocals run the gamut as well, between a delicate falsetto and a moody baritone.  The influences are wide ranging, as are the skillsets of this eclectic 5-piece.  Combining traditional indie rock sounds with classical elements, Foxwell crafts otherworldly arrangements while keeping catchy melodies in the foreground.  For fans of Destroyer, Future Islands, Yo La Tengo, and Aussie Psych-rock.


Mike Fox
Winnipeg MB Canada


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