Fred Dugdale

Adult Contemporary Blues Celtic Rock

Fred Dugdale


Fred Dugdale currently performs or has performed with

Jungtion (past) 


Killick (current) 


Papa John's Blues, Roots & more trio (on break) 



Fred Dugdale backgrounder & musical bio as at 2023-03-30 

Fred Dugdale has been interested and involved in music for most of his life,
 primarily as a vocalist, but also as a listener, who enjoys a wide variety of genres.

Fred got his early experience and training by singing in choirs and high school operettas.

While attending St John’s High School, Fred joined with Al Beischer (now deceased) in a musical journey that included performing in The Templars through to Otis Crow Blues Band (including Harv Basler). Even after the bands ceased, Fred and Al B remained friends and performed together occasionally while Al B was teaching guitar at Kolt Music School and Sales, and playing with Kolt family band with patriarch Jack Kolt and twin brothers, Richard & Robert.

When at St John’s High School, Fred met several other musicians
 and was in the same class as Burton Cummings (Deverons & Guess Who).

After that beginning, Fred went on to perform with various other bands including Pig Iron Blues Band (including John Einarson & Ralph James), Mojo and the Nighthawks (including Leonard “Lewsh” Shaw), and many others along the way.

Some particularly memorable performances were during events such as
 “Get Together ‘70” and “Love-In Festival” at Assiniboine Park in June 1970.

Some stories that may interest those who enjoy some Winnipeg music history are as follows:,article/7030/pig-iron-blues-band-from-1970 

Fred took somewhat of a break from performing
 when career, marriage and having a family changed priorities and availability.

Fred also continued having an involvement
 in the more classical and spiritual aspects of music:

Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir in bass vocal section and also choral music librarian
Grant Memorial Church Celebration Choir, Live at Eleven, LCT & as a vocal soloist,
(during which time Fred enjoyed music with Gary Brenner and others)

In September 2000, Fred was impacted (literally) by a MVA that changed his life forever. 

Along with some physical injuries, Fred sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that has been the most challenging to cope with because it has affected so many aspects of his cognitive and functional well-being. Returning to involvement with music has been both a needed departure from daily challenges and also therapeutic.

Fred has served as Treasurer & Board of Directors member of Manitoba Brain Injury Association, and also served as Treasurer & Provincial Council member of Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities, both for the maximum 6-year terms. Fred also serves on several committees including with the Disability Issues Office and presents about "lived experience" at AMA training sessions. 

Fred currently serves with Manitoba Accessibility Advisory Network for MAO and has recently completed swerving on various committees, focus groups and projects. 

Fred is also involved in a 3-year commitment with MBIA Financial Empowerment Program Advisory Group to assist UM OT and other colleagues in developing a comprehensive FEP to help those with cognitive and related challenges. 

Fred also volunteers in many other forms, including with Jazz Winnipeg for Jazz Fest and at the Irish Pavilion during Folklorama. 

Fred’s current musical involvements are mainly with just one group: 

Jungtion was with David Jung, Brian Tesch and Ferdy Goveas (currently on hiatus from & after COVID shutdowns) 
Killick with Bill Laird, Corey May and David Knezic (which spun off from Celtic Seinn) 
Papa John’s Blues, Roots & more (trio) with John Perry and Deb Profit (currently taking a break) 

Performing with musical colleagues brings much enjoyment to Fred 
 and, he hopes, it brings enjoyment to audiences of any size. 



"Black Velvet Band" cover by Killick by Fred Dugdale

"Whiskey in the Jar" cover by Killick by Fred Dugdale

“Danny Boy” – cover by Killick by Fred Dugdale

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“Donald Where’s Your Trousers” - Killick by Fred Dugdale

“Farewell to Nova Scotia” - Killick by Fred Dugdale

“Gypsy Rover” - Killick by Fred Dugdale

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