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I am a French singer rapper and compositor .

French Rk was born on April 9, 1991 in Yopougon (Abidjan), Ivory Coast. He grew up in a difficult neighborhood marked by poverty and war. From a young age, he was fascinated by hip-hop and began writing rap lyrics.

A lot of music was influenced by the rap music from Paris the rap US and also from my country

In 2009, at the age of 19, French Rk released his first album as part of his group 42 Amstaff. This was the beginning of his music career.

In 2011, French Rk left his native country Ivory Coast for Canada to further his studies. He released his first collaboration "Far Away" with a Senegalese rapper named Door Hutslar.

In 2012, he released a set of singles containing remixes and singles such as "Pas D'accord," "J'irai Loin," and "Comme Nous" (with Tresor Ezoman), which found local success within the French-speaking community in Manitoba. He talks about his adolescence in Compton and explores themes of violence, poverty, and social injustice.

In 2014, he took a long break from the music scene to focus on his studies and for financial reasons. However, he remained active in writing and composing instrumentals.

In addition to his music career, French Rk is also an active social activist. He has participated in demonstrations for racial justice and for minorities in his community.

In 2023, French Rk made a comeback to the music scene with his new albums "Superwoman" and "La Roue Tourne" available on all digital listening platforms. The artist promises a project by the end of 2023.


Franck Koffi
50 Hargrave Street apartment 606 Winnipeg MB Canada R3C1B4
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