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Giant Skellies


Giant Skellies represents years of collaboration between Brothers-in-Law Ryan Roberts and Korbin Potosky. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Roberts was a founding member of pop punk group Cartel. The release of their 2005 debut album Chroma propelled Cartel to prominence, with their single 'Honestly' eventually being certified Gold in the United States. Potosky has been an active member of Winnipeg's thriving music scene for years, most recently as member of synth pop outfit Modern Romantics.

In 2016, guitarist and vocalist Damien Dureault, and bassist Richard McCrae joined Roberts and Potosky and began writing and performing together as Giant Skellies. McCrae & Dureault have both recently established themselves on the local scene, performing with many local acts across Winnipeg. In 2019 the group added drummer Aaron Simcoe of Unklelephant and starsend.  

After the release of their debut single 'Valhalla' in January 2018, Giant Skellies was selected as a Top 5 Winner for The Uniter Fiver. Giant Skellies released their debut EP 'Acid Rain' in October 2018. 'Acid Rain' was named one of Witchpolice Radio's Top 15 local albums of 2018. Sam of Witchpolice described Giant Skellies as "Heavy grooves, thought provoking lyrics, and a vibe that leaves you bobbing your head but also kinda unsettled at the same time (in the best possible way). 

Giant Skellies released their second EP "Butter" on bandcamp June 5th and will release on all platforms June 26th. 



Richard McCrae
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 781 5674





"Halcyon Remains" from Butter

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