Glen Hoban

Glen Hoban


A classical pianist in background, as I have gotten older I have branched out into other styles of music (ragtime, folk, 'oldies') as well as other musical instruments - primarily the panpipes, but also the flute, voice, mey, cajon drum & dumbek drums. I have a large collection of musical instruments, including a Yamaha F.C. 9' Concert grand, an antique Smith and Barnes upright grand, several panflutes in various keys (C, D, E-Flat, F, G, A-Flat, A), two violins (one an antique Matthias Neuner), a 50's Kaay Banjo, several dozen bamboo flutes (indian and chines) of various keys and modes, 5 djembes of varying sizes, 3 ceramic dumbeks, an elk drum, hundreds of brass Himalayan singing bowls, 

I have composed a number of original works for piano, as well as having created a large collection of sample sounds and ambient soundtracks. 

You can see a lot of my videos on my YouTube channel, where my most popular video has over 10 million views.

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