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Gordon Plant


On Friday, October 8th, 2021 Gordon released his first single "Silhouette Woman"! After spending 12 years training in classical piano and then performing pop music for 7 years, Gordon Plant knew it was long overdue to release one of his own songs. Gordon’s favorite musicians are Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney and the members of what was once One Direction. Gordon is also a brother to Donald and Richard who are members of the Winnipeg band, Encore !

After spending years crafting his musical abilities and honing in on the development of his own unique sound, Gordon Plant is stepping into the limelight to demonstrate his capacity as an artist within the music industry. Focused on demonstrating his writing capabilities and developing his knowledge within audio production, Plant is one of Canada’s prominent up-and-coming artists. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Gordon was invested in his musical endeavours from a young age, beginning to write music at only eight years old.

Since this early introduction, Plant has used his technical knowledge of music to assist in the development of all musical and melodic components within his various works. Following the release of “Silhouette Woman,” he will be heading back to the studio with aims to spend much of the Fall putting together the final touches on new music he plans to share in the new year. With vast influences spanning from the Beatles to Justin Timberlake, Gordon has forged a genre that stands to display his passion and diligence for his craft.

Upon the release of “Silhouette Woman,” Gordon is debuting his original music on an international level, giving his listeners elements of nostalgia while further creating hooks designed with a distinct purpose . attract and relate with audiences across the world.


Gordon Plant
Winnipeg MB Canada


Silhouette Woman by Gordon Plant

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