Hailey Mierke

Acoustic Folk Indie Singer/songwriter

Hailey Mierke


Hi! My name is Hailey :). I'm an original artist and my songs are generally around the indie pop/folk genre. I typically prefer to perform solo but still love to collab with people occasionally! This being said, I'm not looking to commit to a band (at least not yet). I play my songs on the guitar or ukulele but have recently started writing a few on the piano! I'm still quite new to the music industry and feeling my way around still but my biggest performance to date was showcasing a few of my originals at the 2019 annual Winnipeg Folk Fest as one of the Stingray Young Performers Program participants. I'm excited to start working with other people and getting this show on the road so if you're interested in me for anything at all, hit me up! (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥


Hailey Mierke
Winnipeg MB Canada
Instagram: @hxileymierke.music

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