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From industry newcomer to dance music trendsetter, Haus of Panda is moving the needle in the modern rave scene like no other. Although Haus of Panda only stepped onto the scene in 2017, he’s recognized around the globe for his high-octane signature sound marked by speed and power. In his first few months as a new producer, Haus of Panda’s catalog could be heard on the airwaves of Diplo & Friends and Sirius XM, catching the interest of industry tastemakers such as Tiësto, Jauz, Alan Walker, Tommie Sunshine, and more. Whether it’s the rapid-fire tempo of “Punk’d” or the glitchy bass house flavor of “The Power,” Haus of Panda generates a progressive take on rave music with each release.

Influenced by the legacy sounds of hard house and bassline, Haus of Panda captured the attention of the scene and forged a new sound for the next generation of ravers: Speed House was coined by the producer himself as a blend of speed garage and bass house, quickly spurring a worldwide movement in electronic music. Now recognized as a genre category on Beatport, Speed House isn’t just a style of music — it’s the inspiration behind Haus of Panda’s own imprint, Speed House Movement. The label made its debut in 2020 with a 14-track compilation featuring Haus of Panda and his fellow members of the scene — upon its release, Speed House Movement reached the number one spot on Beatport’s release charts. To date, he’s signed more than 50 artists from over 25 countries across the globe.

As a renowned producer, label manager, and industry leader, Haus of Panda redefines what it means to be a triple threat within the dance music space. With over 100, 000 monthly listeners and 15+ million streams, Haus of Panda’s fast track to success speaks to his unconventional yet pioneering energy as both an artist and an influencer within the next generation of dance music.


Steven Ngo
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 899 5548

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