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Hot Taco


What happens when you get four friends together and add beer and instruments?  Well other than a crazy night with Gert, you get Hot Taco!

Hot Taco has been putting their own attitude to well-known songs since 2013. The core of the band has been together for over 6 years and have ventured into different avenues of music over this time.  They have a wide range of influences which has broadened their musical horizons, reaching out to all artists, so in laymen's terms, they play what the audience likes to hear!  Their main genre influences include hard rock, punk, classic rock and indie rock.

Some bands that they've put their own spin on are: Cage the Elephant, QOTSA, TV on the Radio, Audioslave, Face to Face, Rancid, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Weezer etc...

Whatever the venue, they rock the stage and generate good vibes for the crowd.
Simply put they are a band that loves to play music and have a good time!

Gert Kriel - Lead Vocals
Shane Barchuk - Guitar/Backup Vocals
Mike Smalley - Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals
Brett Sys - Drums/Backup Vocals

All songs rights and copyrights by original artist.


Mike Smalley
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 509 7627


Addicted to Love by Hot Taco

Lola by Hot Taco

Wolf Like Me by Hot Taco

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All These Things That I've Done by Hot Taco

Run With Us (Raccoons) by Hot Taco

Happy Idiot by Hot Taco

Teenage Anarchist by Hot Taco

Come a Little Closer by Hot Taco

El Scorcho by Hot Taco

Fake Tales of San Francisco by Hot Taco

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