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If we believed in luck, we would tell you how lucky we feel to live in this house - with a group of the most extraordinary human beings. Yet, it’s hard to believe in luck considering how our various travelled paths have somehow converged and brought us together. Perhaps it was something about being at the right place at the right time, but the universe, and every decision we have made, has brought us here, right where we are supposed to be: living together in an old house near Winnipeg’s city centre, with the belief that music can heal.

So, who exactly are the beautiful humans that are House Handshake?

Quinton Poitras
Lead guitar, lead vocals, songwriting
Quinton started in music a decade ago and his passion permeates every area of his life. If he’s not playing one of the 16 guitars in the house, then you can probably find him writing a song, editing videos for social media or jamming with other local musicians. In the off-chance he’s not doing something musical, you can probably find him cuddling with the cats Bean and Boo.

Darrell Anderson
Bass, songwriting
More of the strong, silent-type, Darrell loves to express himself through various creative endeavours. If he’s not slapping the bass, you can typically find him in the kitchen cooking incredible meals for the house or bent over a sketchbook creating various art for the band. If it’s pretty or delicious (or both), then Darrell probably made it!

Lauren Willems
Back-up vocals
Mega-mom, boss-babe, Darrell’s love. Lauren has been singing since she was a little girl, which lead her on a life of music and creativity. She’s also a trained baker, so when her vocal scales aren’t filling the house, the mouth-watering aromas of her freshly-baked goodies likely will be.

Tanner Link
Pianist, percussion, back-up vocals
Classic comedic relief with an unforgettably sexy ‘stache, there isn’t anyone quite like Tanner. Growing up in a musical family, Tanner has the incredible ability to pick up almost any instrument and jam. Outside of his musical talents, Tanner is honing his skills to record and produce music.

Ainsley Rivait
Back-up vocals
The house once joked that she loves boring things because she thoroughly enjoys playing board games and sudoku puzzles, but with her being Tanner’s partner, we thought that wouldn’t be fair to him. Involved in the performing arts for most of her life, Ainsley loves to be creative through dance as well as writing, and you can find her presence throughout our social media.

Andrew Mandziuk
Drums, percussion
The newest addition to the house, Andrew brings years of musical experience and ALL the enthusiasm. The only thing that can match his fiery tempo and sick beats is his flaming red hair. Whether he’s out and about in his home town of Selkirk or hanging with his buddies, you’ll likely hear Andrew strumming along to whatever beat he hears.

Is it easy to live in a house full of creatives?
Not always.
Is it something that we would change?
Not for a second.
Each of the above mentioned humans bring an unmatched, incomparable quality to the band that contributes in creating something more than just music, but a movement in uniting people together through love and connection.

Thank-you for stopping by our page!
We hope to see you soon and give you a House Handshake, which in case you were wondering, is a hug.


Quinton Poitras
521 Beverley Street Winnipeg MB Canada R3g1v1
1 204 470 1628







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