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Joyce German is a talented South Sudanese Canadian Jazz Saxophonist and Vocalist known for her unique fusion of African influences and Jazz—a rising star in Winnipeg's vibrant jazz scene. Joyce has captivated audiences with her dynamic performances and original compositions that incorporate South Sudanese traditional songs. She collaborates with various bands in the city, showcasing her impressive skills as a musician. Not only is she a masterful saxophonist, but her captivating voice sets her apart from other musicians in the scene. Joyce deeply appreciates the rich cultural history and art form that is jazz and brings her unique perspective to the genre. She is passionate about promoting African music, especially her South Sudanese roots. Joyce is poised to make a significant impact in the industry. Keep an eye out for this young and talented jazz musician as she continues to make her mark.

INGIA is Joyce's middle name and represents her essence and where she comes from. The name is also her grandmother's name, which means joy. As a stage name, INGIA incorporates African music influences, focusing on South Sudanese music and R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, and Jazz. INGIA is an acronym that stands for Intention, Nurture, Gratitude, Inspiration, and Amplify. These values are at the core of Joyce's music, intentionally created to nurture others, express gratitude, inspire, and amplify African and Black American music and people.


Joyce German
1 431 276 5722

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