Jared Adams

Acoustic Alternative Folk Rock

Jared Adams


Jared Adams describes his music as heavy folk, a mixture of soft, gentle acoustic guitars leading into soaring, distorted choruses laden in reverb. Often drawing on past experiences, his lyrics are a memoir of his life entombed in a shell of pop music. It’s this eclectic mix of sweet, poppy goodness and grandiose, acoustic epics that has Jared’s music subverting expectations.

Hailing from the often freezing depths of Winnipeg, MB, Jared has seen success playing in numerous bands including touring act, Colour By Numbers. Summer 2019 he made his debut performance with his new band at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Jared’s debut album, “Tragic Nostalgia” explores the theme of growing old while still trying to hold on to the things you knew when you were younger. It was recorded and mixed by John Paul Peters at Private Ear.



Bright by Jared Adams

Bright (Official Video) by Jared Adams

You Are Not My Enemy (Acoustic) by Jared Adams

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Tragic Nostalgia (Live) by Jared Adams

Heavyweight (Live) by Jared Adams

When We Were Young (Live) by Jared Adams

Tides 360 Live by Jared Adams

Wild at Heart (Official Video) by Jared Adams

When We Were Young by Jared Adams

Put It Away by Jared Adams

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