Jaryn Friesen

Americana Country Folk Singer/songwriter

Jaryn Friesen


As a class, cowboys are known as foulmouthed, irreverent, drunken creatures.

Someone didn't give Jaryn Friesen that memo.

Friesen, born and raised in Steinbach, MB, is only 28 but his music packs the richness of a writer decades his senior. 

Friesen's sound raw and honest, which makes the tunes feel like talking with a friend over a tall boy. His grovel-y voice with just the right amount of drawl sings of yearning for some place, some time elsewhere and hits familiar tones and themes which make it feel like coming home.

Inspiration from storytelling troubadours like Townes Van Zandt, John Prine and American Aquarium help to create periods of reflection, both of oneself and the world around them.

Whether it be childhood, religion, mental health or addiction, Friesen’s lyrics in his latest tracks are deep and contemplative and ooze growth and perspective with the poetry of Indie giants Lord Huron, but the folky harmonies of Willie Nelson.

In any event, Friesen gets what it means to be the man who knows how to talk about his feelings.

Jaryn has performed at festivals and venues across North America and hosts a monthly songwriters night. 



Jaryn Friesen
MB Canada
1 204 381 1243
 jarynfriesen.com  instagram.com


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