Jordan Cochrane

Acoustic Country Rock Singer/songwriter

Jordan Cochrane


Tansi, my name is Jordan Alexander Cochrane, I was born in Winnipeg, MB, but was raised in Fisher River Cree Nation.

My musical journey began way back in my childhood, when my mother would record my brother and I singing random songs on her "Boom Box" with a built in mic. I recall my mom getting us to sing Achy Breaky Heart and O Canada in Cree. My Grandma had the biggest influence on me musically, she introduced me to karaoke, and songs from artists like Hank Williams Sr. to Alan Jackson, but once I was capable of reading fast enough to keep up with the words, I was hooked on karaoke and sang whatever I thought I could.That's how my singing started.  

I started learning guitar around 12 years old. My Uncle was my first influence on guitar. He had taught me the basics like  "Smoke On The Water" and "Iron Man" and why I have such a love for heavy metal. In Junior High, I had a teacher who had guitars and would pull them out during breaks. I learned to read guitar tabs in that class.

This lead me to my first "Rock" band, Shattered Black. It was my brother, 2 of our friends and I. We did one gig in our community on the Mainstage, which was a big deal to us back in the day, we didn't last very long after that. From there I started jamming with the other local band and eventually I joined them as a guitarist, and from there our band members kept revolving, our name kept changing and eventually we fell apart. Some of the band names were. West of Seven, Word of Mouth, Ex-Membered, and King Sleeze. I had a great time in all those bands, learned alot and played quite a few places in Winnipeg. My most cherished memory is playing with King Sleeze at the now demolished "The Zoo" on Osbourne in Winnipeg.

Things have slowed down alot for me since then, I'm a proud father of 3 beautiful children with a loving, caring partner (which doesn't slow things down too much, they keep me on my toes!). I've been through many trials in life, all of which seem to test me over and over. I've taken to writing songs to help me get out of those dark places and this has definitely helped me alot. My Love for music is much more genuine these days, but I'm still searching for my voice.

I'm currently in a rock band called Rockatünski. We're currently working on getting our songs recorded, thats still ongoing. I'm also a singer/songwriter when im on my own. I tend to write folk, country or bluegrassy type of music. I have many songs that I would love to share with everyone sometime. Take a listen to my current demo "Where A Piece Of My Heart Resides." 

Ékosani, and thanks for reading!


Jordan Cochrane
Box 477 Fisher River Cree Nation MB Canada R0C1S0




"Where A Piece Of My Heart Resides"

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