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I'd like to say things have been easy. That I'm signed to a major label, and I've been able to kick back and enjoy every part of this damn ride. But I'd be lying. 

My father was a musician through and through, and always wanted me to learn to play the guitar. But I never really had the knack for it when I was younger. I took a few lessons, decided it wasn't for me, and hung up my strings. It wasn't until he passed away, that I picked it back up. I found chords hard, so I learnt by ear. 

When I first set out on this journey over 13 years ago, a couple buddies of mine from our hometown of Binscarth, Manitoba started a band in my best friend's basement. Were we good? Not really, no. But that didn't stop us from playing our hearts out. We would eventually get better, and actually started booking some gigs. Heck, people even started paying us. 

We eventually all graduated high school, and went our separate ways. Two of us ended up moving to the big, bad city of Winnipeg, and it didn't take long for us to get going again on the music front. We started a new band with some dorm mates, and practiced in my uncles garage. It didn't take long to start booking shows. We played bars, nightclubs, festivals and homecomings. I was writing a ton of songs at that point, and one morning after a long night out, I had a melody stuck in my head that just wouldn't go away. I wrote lyrics and some basic guitar, and brought it to the boys to  add some meat to the bones. We ended up scrounging up enough money to record it. A couple months later we had our debut single, ready for release. "Day Worth Livin' For" debuted well, climbing to top 15 on the Itunes country charts. Not bad for a bunch of small town guys, who almost went broke recording the damn song. 

We never got the chance to record an album.Why? Because all of our spare cash went into buying beer. That, and the majority of the band moved away once they graduated University. I kept writing songs, like they were going out of style. I started playing weddings, and taking on more acoustic gigs, and one man shows. That and working way too hard at my day job. 

Flash Forward a couple of years and finally, I had saved up enough money & courage  to get into the studio again. That and the right songs. A year and a bit later, a heck of a lot of hard work, some long nights and here we are. A new chapter, and my own name, promising to give you one hell of an experience. Whether it be the intense energy of a live show, or the feeling you get, when you hit play. I hope I leave a damn good Impression.

Through all of this, only a couple things have stayed consistent. Myself, my guitar, my music, and my people. Thanks for supporting this. For letting me do what I love. See you at the next show.



Jayare Charron
Niverville MB Canada
1 204 821 5706




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