Junior Music Management

Junior Music Management


Junior Music Management (jr.music) was established by Jacques Richer in the spring of 2022. Our company embraces an arts-focused approach combining integrity, honesty, and professionalism so that your vision, event, or program can come to life. We also believe no single strategy fits all projects. That’s why our services are personalized to your brand, whether it be artist management, coaching and consulting, grant writing, event planning, stage management, label services, coordination services, program planning, or business development.

Junior Music Management is also happy to provide services in both English and French. With the nature of funding in the Canadian music industry, we are happy to say we have experience in both English and French markets.

Some of Junior Music's clients have included Jazz Winnipeg, Manitoba Music, franconnexion.info, Meantime, and more.


Jacques Richer
15-644 Westminster Ave. Winnipeg MB Canada R3C0Z2
1 204 794 3103

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