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Kirstylez is an upcoming singer, songwriter, and music producer based in Winnipeg, Canada, where she's known to blend old school and new school while merging the east and west.  She came into the music scene to pursue her passion for music and to express herself to the world.

As early as the age of 15 Kirstylez has been influenced by 90s-2000s hiphop, pop, and r&b, while expanding her interests in eastern genres such as JPop, KPop and Original Philippine Music.  Although, female artists such as Janet Jackson the late Aaliyah Haughton has been dramatic contributors to her sound, Kirstylez is also inspired by male R&B artists such as Jon B, and Montell Jordan.  

Contrary to the latest trends leading towards heavy 808 and trap sounds, Kirstylez uses her inspiration of oldschool R&B 
and tries to introduce electronic sounds and eastern instruments tending to be more light and upbeat.  Furthermore, not only does she has a passion for music but she has a mission to be inspiring to those who are looking for their voice and not be afraid to express themselves freely.


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"Private Dancer" from A Trip To The Champagne Room

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