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Kozii is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist & songwriter. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and is currently based in Winnipeg, a city located in Manitoba, Canada. The young artist first started rapping as a hobby with his friends in grade 7, and this soon turned into a career when he discovered his passion for music. He would write lyrics of his own and perform them in church and social events. The support he received from those around him encouraged him to nurture his gift over time. Kozii raps in multiple styles and flows, truly showing his talent – and combines a high level of lyricism with soothing melodies to make inspiring records.
 He emerged with his debut EP titled "Yin Yang" in the summer of 2020. This project amassed thousands of streams across several streaming platforms. He soon gained some recognition as he got featured on The Game's official playlist "Head Games" in January 2021 with his single "Better Days." Kozii is consistently releasing music and hosting shows locally and in neighbouring provinces as well. He is always working on evolving his sound and aims to continually inspire his listeners to chase their dreams.



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