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Kwiat (kwai·uht) is a Métis Polish avant-pop artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With sophisticated vocals and elaborate piano melodies, she captivates audiences through raw, intimate, and dramatic performances, harnessing creative freedom to craft emotively eclectic pieces guided as much by indie-pop, romantic and Broadway as the unconventionally captivating approaches of artists like Fiona Apple, Japanese Breakfast, and Regina Spektor.

Kwiat's airy, lush, and organically flowing style reflects the colourful symbolism of her name, which means "flower" in Polish, and highlights her shared affinity for floral imagery between her Métis and Polish cultures.

Having played piano since age 3 and enamoured by musicals and the brilliantly dramatic spells they cast, Kwiat pursued music school, absorbing all she could on theory, performance, and classical piano while playing the long game in bringing her vibrant visions to life. She's innately drawn to songcraft that embodies honesty with well-crafted stories hosting depths of substance, where the instrument sits as a focal point within a striking sonic palette, shooting elegantly melodic fireworks around vivid vocals.

Her live performances of her upcoming songs will be enlivened with a full band featuring drums, bass, and guitar. Her recordings are fleshed out further with adorning synth pads and string patches evoking art- and avant-pop delivered with raw, intimate, heartfelt sophistication, music that's drama-driven, emotionally gripping, with unusual structures and richly relatable storytelling mirroring life's unexpected turns.

In addition to her artistry, Kwiat's an avid collaborator and industry asset who's participated in various programs that give back to her community. She's experienced being taught self-hate by the outside world, so she's fighting the good fight of bringing greater self-love into people's lives. Starting 2023 strong with two sold-out performances opening for Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo) and Sam Polley, Kwiat will be releasing her debut music produced by Hawksley Workman.

Kwiat also manages Songsmiths (formerly the WCMA-nominated Winnipeg Music Project), a platform that features a music-based podcast and creates songwriting opportunities for emerging and established artists through workshops, performances, groups/camps and more – endlessly giving back to her community.


Winnipeg MB Canada

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