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Larysa Musick


A wildflower meadow doesn’t bloom in the first year it’s planted. Takes three years to see your first flower. Maybe longer. A firm believer in the slow build, Larysa Musick established herself as a poet and illustrator-author before crossing over into singer-songwriter territory. Given her last name, it may have been fate.

Though she comes from Winnipeg, her style of folk music hardly represents her home city’s proverbial sound. Listening to her, you’d think of New Orleans jazz cafés, fiddler jams in Appalachia or Greenwich Village clubs in the 60s. Effortless finger-picking guitar, unmistakable vibrato, endearing melodies, all delivered by a lush, steady mezzo-soprano. Wide-eyed, flower-power-era nostalgia folk that sometimes bends into the psychedelic, baroque, old-western country, old-timey, and prog-rock spaces.

Lyrically, Larysa is adventurous and earnest, probably from her years spent performing spoken word poetry. In poetry slams where competitors are scored from zero-to-ten, not unlike Olympic diving. In various bars and pubs across the provinces, and as far as Detroit, touring in a tiny hatchback. In streetlit cyphers where freestyling poets showed Larysa the power of improvisation. 

Soon after digging into the Winnipeg music scene, Larysa’s inimitable style captured the attention of critically-acclaimed fiddler and up-and-coming producer, Sierra Noble. The two joined forces, co-producing Larysa’s debut EP Tomorrow Is Bound to Come, with award-winning producer and engineer, Madeleine Roger. Larysa’s proud to have achieved gender parity with these recordings, rallying together a list of exceptional players including Rory Verbrugge (pedal steel guitar), Sheena Grobb (keys), Kieran Placatka (keys), banjo (Alison De Groot), upright bass (Julian Bradford), just to name a few.

Rushing nothing in the process, it’s clear Larysa is more than prepared for her first release. 


Larysa Musick
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