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Lil Win


I began working as a DJ in 2000 for a company based out of Flin Flon (where I'm from) and I specialized in weddings and socials for 5 years. I learned so much about music that I wasn't necessarily aware of as a teenager. For example, when I was 16 I had no idea that Boney M had albums besides their Christmas album! Then in 2011 I began taking DJ courses with the amazing Mama Cutsworth and for the last 3 years I've been lucky enough to see my business evolve and my passion for weddings and socials continue. 

The skills I've developed as a DJ and as a standup comedian have helped me learn how to read a room and get a feel for what's going to work best so that I can plan several jokes or songs ahead. I think what makes a great DJ is the ability to read a crowd, a wide knowledge of great music from all genres while staying energetic and engaging. Nothing bothers me more than seeing a DJ sitting on a chair, on their phone. Being present and welcoming is so important. I always want to give off good vibes while staying approachable and fun so that people feel comfortable coming to make requests.

I enjoy being a part of weddings and special events. I think as the years pass, we may not remember the details of a day like what we ate or what we wore - but we always remember if we had a good time. I love being the one to ensure that promise.

As an alumni student of Mama Cutsworth’s DJ Academy for All Women and Non-Binary Folks, I became a founding producer of Casual Friday, a monthly DJ night featuring Academy alumni. I've performed on the main stage of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. I specialize in weddings, socials, and private parties. I own all of my own equipment and I am a licensed DJ.


Cara Lytwyn
12-250 Broadway Winnipeg MB Canada R3C0R5
1 204 793 8781

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