Linds Sais

Pop R&B Singer/songwriter Synthpop

Linds Sais


Ironically soft-spoken and shy by nature, Linds Sais has always felt the most impactful behind a microphone.

As a vocalist, she has been influenced by the intentionality of icons such as Lauryn Hill, Feist, and Whitney Houston. Linds Sais has a sugary-sweet and airy vocal tone, that bears another distinct personality - sultry and powerful in the moments where a song is begging for that type of strength to be showcased.

Linds Sais has seen life through many dynamic lenses: a young adult struggling to find a purposeful life path, a budding feminist in a male-dominanted corporate world, a best-friend of a domestic abuse survivor, an unwavering-hopeless romantic…and the list goes on..

During the stillness of the pandemic, Linds Sais realized that the stories laying dormant deep within her bones were desperate to surface. She revisited her love for songwriting, and within a short period of time she had written handfuls of widely relatable, yet catchy songs.

Linds Sais is a proud prairie-girl, hailing from the often underrated city of  Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

She’s got a lot to say, but she’d rather sing it.


Lindsay Johnston
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