Love Letter Writers

Alternative Funk Pop Rock

Love Letter Writers


The Love Letter Writers deliver a dynamic sound with a fiery onstage presence. Heavily influenced by a wide variety of genres, their sound is best described as pop/funk-rock. The band showcases clear classic rock influences with a modern coat of paint.

Formed in the latter years of high school, the earliest version of the group came together in 2018. The founding line up consisted of prominent musical theatre star Nathaniel Muir (vocalist) and the nationally recognized rhythm section from Westwood High School Senior Jazz Band comprised of Carter LaFleche (bass guitarist) and Aidan Clarke (drummer). After finding guitarists Ben Schmidt (lead guitarist) and Adam Yarish (rhythm guitarist) in the coming years the band's line up was finally completed.

Each member brings their own flavour to the group. Muir stands on years of extensive vocal training and on-stage experience for powerful vocals and an effortlessly cool stage presence. LaFleche and Clarke bring their years of formal music training and experience playing together as a tight-knit jazz ensemble. Schmidt delivers bluesy sensibilities through raw distorted guitar playing and Yarish brings a softer, acoustic-orientated approach to the instrument as well as the ability to multitask with his keyboard playing.

The Love Letter Writers kickstarted their musical journey with their debut album Arona. The album showcases seven dynamic tunes each representative of a different colour in the rainbow.

The self-produced album is described by the band as a starting point. They hope it leads to careers as established writers and musicians with the help of the love, support, and appreciation from the Love Letter Writer’s growing fanbase.


Aidan Clarke
509 Bedson Street Winnipeg MB Canada R3K1R4
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