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Lucho Hermida


Lucho Hermida is a songwriter, producer, and researcher interested in world music. Lucho Hermida was born in Bogotá-Colombia and grew up in Garzón-Colombia, where he was nourished by the mountains and river sounds. His music has been influenced by soundscapes, Colombian Andean, Latin American, Brazilian, contemporary, and jazz music. Lucho seeks to present a reflective vision of the world from an ecological perspective, where urban, everyday life, and nature coexist in songs set to Latin American rhythms.

He has released four albums and participated in various projects as a performer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer. Five of his songs have been part of the RadioNacional top 20 list (2 songs were number 1), and his work was awarded at Colombia's most important music festivals (more than 15 awards). He represented Colombia in the «Global Rockstar Rio + 20» in 2012, an event organized by the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI), where his song «Por el borde del camino» was part of the compilation CD promoted during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As a performer, he joined the OÍ group. They had shows in Colombia's most important concert halls, playing in international music festivals such as the Cartagena International Music Festival and the International Folklore Festival in Cosquín-Argentina, and shared scenes with important artists such as Joaquín Sabina and the violinist Alexis Cárdenas. With OÍ, he won more than fifteen Colombian national awards.

As an engineer and producer, He has recorded and mixed more than 200 audio tracks, having the fortune to choose carefully the projects in which He participates. Actually, He is developing immersive audio and 360 mix in musical projects.

After living in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, and Spain, Lucho Hermida is based in Winnipeg-Canada, working on musical projects where Canadian prairies meet with Colombian Andes.

Recently Lucho Hermida released the song "Caléndula", a tribute to the traditional medicine in Colombian rhythms. 


Luis Hermida
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 431 336 9644




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"Sample Mix: Película Alemana (Andrés Correa)"


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