Marshal Keep

Acoustic Electronic Indie Singer/songwriter

Marshal Keep


Inspired by Bo Burnham and "Weird Al" Yankovic, 23 year old Marshal Keep (also known as "Marshal Does Stuff" on Youtube) has made comedy songs with topics ranging from songs like "Things I Found In The Back Of My Fridge" to "Don't Use A Meme (If You Don't Know What They Mean". 

Marshal's first EP, "Noot Noot Toaster Suit" was his first release, and from each release afterwards he has only grown and improved since. His most recent album "Consensual Hand Holding" is the best example of his work, and shows his versatility, and his talent of balancing being very funny and being great musically. 

Marshal started with music at a very young age, doing a lot of performing at MTYP, which is where he love of theatre, comedy, and acting. All of which influence his music. A lot of his early music inspirations have come from The Beatles, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and others. He continued to do a fair bit of music work, doing more musicals, learning the ukulele, guitar, and piano. Eventually learning how to write and produce his own music!

Marshal hit it big in 2017 when his Youtube channel "Marshal Does Stuff" starting blowing up because of his very funny Reddit videos, gaining over 400,000 subscribers. He has done all kinds of content, but he came back to music, because it's the thing he is the most passionate about. Not just the writing process, but the recording and producing process. With the exception of mixing and mastering, Marshal is a one man band when it comes to his music. 


Marshal Keep
Winnipeg MB Canada r3t0j4
1 204 891 9946


Dave (Official Video) by Marshal Keep

What I Found In The Back Of My Fridge by Marshal Keep

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