Mary Anne Nurmi

Acoustic Rock Singer/songwriter

Mary Anne Nurmi


Mary Anne is a new singer-songwriter, based in Winnipeg. Her journey in music began with playing the piano as a child, and singing 3-part harmonies with her mother and sister. Singing and songwriting with her guitar came later, and is following in the footsteps of her late brother who was a long-time busker and singer-songwriter in Winnipeg. Her music has become a conduit for sharing ideas and experiences that are otherwise difficult to express. 

Mary Anne's musical style has been described as sultry, and sometimes bearing resemblance to artists such as Melissa Etheridge. It fits most comfortably in the acoustic folk, blues and rock style. As a lesbian, Mary Anne holds admiration for queer artists in particular, and hopes to bring voice to the experience of being a queer prairie girl.  







Mary Anne Nurmi


Brother - live performance at the Royal George by Mary Anne Nurmi

Fly My Darling by Mary Anne Nurmi

Attitude by Mary Anne Nurmi

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