Matt Foster

Americana Experimental Folk Singer/songwriter

Matt Foster


Over a 15 year long career, Matt Foster’s music has travelled the world, performed in 12 different countries, placed in major motion pictures as far away as Mexico, and syndicated worldwide in the BBC series “Tin Star.” He is a recent recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts Create grant, the fruit of which is expected to be his debut solo album, True Needs, due out in early 2022.  As a member of the Crooked Brothers, Matt has received nominations at both the Canadian Folk Music and the Western Canadian Music Awards. Matt’s songwriting has received international praise and critical acclaim.


"Blackbird In The Snow could be my song of the year, it is perfection." - Jonathan Aird (AMERICANA, UK)


Queer love. Love in cars and fields. Dying somewhere you’d want to die. The taste of a moment in a motel. Listening and hearing a lover and seeing them truly. The end of frustration. Saying it out loud. Pissing in the wind. NBD.

Matt's songs are not what you’d expect. At times, they are more like snapshots or a short scene in a novel. A glimpse in on a moment, on a feeling, a character. There is something partial about them, a simplicity or a sparseness that through listening, gives way to unexpected fullness. Matt takes great care carving out the shape and contours of a thing, but invites you in yourself, to feel around, to find the lightswitch maybe. And something keeps you there, the words calling you back to listen again.

When performed solo, Matt’s songs appear in their most honest form, stripped and unadorned, just as they were written. Matt favours the guitar, but toys with other things and other sounds as seen fit, and makes a great host in the meantime, providing an intimate, comfortable, and moving atmosphere.





Jen Doerksen
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 230 2274

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