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Acoustic Alternative Americana Singer/songwriter

Micah Loewen





Micah Loewen is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from Steinbach, MB. Young Micah was inspired by his dad who wrote and recorded music. Growing up in a musical home he learned to love music from a young age and received his first guitar from his dad when he was just 5 years old. He was born in the state of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico but has spent the majority of his life in Manitoba, Canada. His experiences across North America have enriched his musical style and lyrical creativity.

 He started writing music at the age of 11 and continued writing and learning instruments when in 2015, at 17, he started recording his first demos in a friends studio. Playing in bands throughout his youth and into adulthood helped shape his desire to use music as a medium for people to connect as well as to find hope in music. He later began playing local acoustic gigs in cafes and restaurants as well as playing shows with a group called Souvenir Heart that he helped form with his close friends in 2016.

 His music is influenced by artists like John Mayer, Chris Martin, and Jon Foreman. In his music he freely ties together genres like folk, americana, alternative, and country with compelling lyrics that speak to his audience. As an artist focused on honest and genuine emotion, he nurtures that intent by unearthing his personal and authentic experience and crafts his work with honest emotion aimed to enlighten and inspire his listeners. His love for writing and his rooted interest in stories and nature have benefited and brought context in his writing process and have helped him dive deeper into the lyrical and musical impact of his songs. 

 Micah released his first single “With You” in spring of 2018. He is currently working on his follow-up single and will be playing Cafés and House Concerts throughout the summer and fall of 2019. 



Micah Loewen
Steinbach MB Canada




"More (Than I Do) - Acoustic Demo"

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