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Naina Jinga


Naina Jinga - is a Canadian-Romanian award-winner composer and a classically trained pianist, who lives, teaches and creates in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Naina was born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - a city with ancient musical traditions and the cultural heart of modernTransylvania.
Naina Jinga began playing the piano at the age of four, performing as a piano-soloist with an orchestra at ten, and writing her first compositions at twelve. She has appeared as a piano-soloist with Romanian orchestras, in solo and piano-duos piano recitals. She graduated from the "Gheorghe Dima" Academy of Music in 1991 (B.Mus), where she was later appointed as an Assistant Professor and, in 1998, as an University lecturer. She holds a M.Mus and a Ph.D. in Composition with a “Magna cum Laudae”.
In 2003, Naina Jinga moved to Canada, where she attended graduate studies in Composition at the University of Western Ontario, studying with Dr. Peter Paul Koprowski. She has written extensively in instrumental, vocal, choral, chamber music and orchestral genres with performances in Canada, Europe, U.S. and Australia.  She is also the recipient of many international awards and scholarships, among them, the Romanian Composers’ League Prize and the UNESCO award and scholarship. Besides her career as a composer, she dedicates her time, energy and knowledge to her students by maintaining an active music studio, the Do-Re-Mi Music Studio, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she teaches piano, music theory, composition, singing, being also an appreciated accompanist for instrumentalists and singers.

In more recent years, embracing a new style - the light classical music with a soothing and so touching romantic flavour - has won her a loyal fanbase and increased worldwide her popularity. Her music has many different expressions and has been described as sensitive, touching, deeply moving, lyrical in inspiration, subtle and thoughtful.
Her romantic piano ballads - "Dream", "Emotions", "Tears of Light", "Nostalgia" or "Shall we Waltz?"- won their well-deserved place in Top 10 on Radio stations, while platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon or Women of Substance Podcast are featuring her music.




"Amalfi ... To Italy with Love - a romantic piano-ballade composed after a trip to Italy by Naina Jinga"



"First Kiss - ~ romantic piano-ballade by Naina Jinga"



"Nostalgia - Nostalgia ~ a waltz composed for piano by Naina Jinga, invokes so many feelings in us, memories, longing, experiences that are connected to our past."


"Shall We Waltz?" by Naina Jinga

Shall We Waltz? by Naina Jinga

First Kiss by Naina Jinga

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Time for Us - Romantic Piano Ballade by Naina Jinga by Naina Jinga

Emotions by Naina Jinga

Dream... by Naina Jinga

What Child is This? & Away in a Manger by Naina Jinga

"Nostalgia" ~ by Naina Jinga by Naina Jinga

"Distant Memories" by Naina Jinga

Nostalgia by Naina Jinga

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