Noise Paullution

Acoustic Rock Singer/songwriter

Noise Paullution


Acoustic guitar driven Noise Paullution initially started off as a quirky and somewhat folk-y solo project, but it became increasingly obvious more of a rock vibe would surface in the final analysis, which makes sense. Because since 1993, Paul Marchand, the person behind the concept, has almost exclusively played drums in ‘indie’ rock bands based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba with extensive experience performing in the hard rock and alternative/grunge realms that were a hallmark of the sound at the time.

Paul has since gigged for over thirty years around Winnipeg and embarked on a few regional tours with the bands he co-founded in the '90s. His drumming can be heard on four full length albums, one EP, one single, and two compilation albums. He has ‘guested’ as a drummer for other established bands requiring ‘fill-ins’, 'jammed' with others, and continues to rehearse new material with an as-yet unnamed three-piece outfit today. 

But it was only recently that he attempted to bring his self-penned creations to light as a solo artist with recent life events providing further inspiration. Having a recording space in his home, he decided to finally get his ideas on tape ‘just to see…’. Those ‘demos’ in the summer of 2023 turned into How it Started – How it’s Going, a four-song EP that was completely re-recorded in October and November of the same year.

Local (Winnipeg) musician/engineer, Mike Wagner, engineered, edited, and mixed the record while also producing with Paul. The album was mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge.

The release date for Noise Paullution: How it Started - How it's Going is set for Friday, July 26, 2024.



Paul Marchand
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 290 7761




"The Idea" from How it Started - How it's Going

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