Old Oak Studio

Old Oak Studio


     *Old Oak Studio est fier d'offrir tous ses services en français*

Nestled in the urban forest of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Old Oak Studio aims to provide local musicians with a comfortable and welcoming environment in which to make their musical ambitions become reality. In the ambience of a rustic, wood-panelled, mountain cottage style recording room, both instruments and music come to life.

I offer affordable rates and focus on making sure up and coming artists can be heard without breaking the bank. My goal is to have artists be a part of the entire process, from early pre-production to mixing, allowing them to make sure they walk away with songs they are proud of and that sound the way they had imagined.


Production Credits

      • Simon Burns - Fairytale (2024)

      • Simon Burns - More in Mind (2023)

      • Protovision - Frannie Reweds (2023)

      • Protovision - Clarity (2023)

      • Protovision - Just a Yesterday Away (2022)

      • Protovision - Elegiac (2022)

      • Moonfield - 1919 (2021)

      • Moonfield - Don't Go (2021)

      • Moonfield - Bad Days (2021)



Joël Charrière
Winnipeg MB Canada
 oldoakstudio.ca  instagram.com

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