Oso Mario

Alternative Hip Hop Indie Rap

Oso Mario


In 1993, a plane crashed into the Rocky Mountains. There were no survivors, except for a baby boy named Mario. Alone, afraid, and armed only with a copy of Nas’ Illmatic and his trusty Walkman, he ventured into the wilderness. Eventually he stumbled upon a mother grizzly bear and her cubs. Showing mercy, she took him in as one of her own, showing him how to live as a bear.

For the next two decades, Mario lived off the land, fishing from streams, foraging berries, and rapping along to Nas. This tranquil existence was interrupted when a passing helicopter spotted Mario running down deer. Unable to communicate, Mario was airlifted to a hospital.

Years passed and hope for recovery dimmed, until one day, a doctor’s ringtone sparked a change. Hearing music for the first time since his Walkman batteries died, Mario began rapping. He recounted his life story then and there, prompting the doctor to realize that Mario could only communicate in rhyme. He didn’t need medicine, he needed a microphone.

Since then, Mario has reintegrated into society. Taking up the mantle of "Oso Mario" in honor of the bear that took him in, Mario now spends his time making beats and writing rhymes.


Mario Lagassé
1142 Dudley Avenue Winnipeg MB Canada R3M1S9
1 204 250 5315
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"Mario or Mario?"


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