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This is not a story, not a diversion nor an op-ed piece. Standing on the edge of where we want to be, looking over the precipice. (Live Love Loud, ©)

Precipice indeed! After months of recording and with a full-length album about to be released, Winnipeg band "Red Rose Red" is exactly where they want to be. Led by singer/songwriter and lead guitarist Tim Braun and fronted by vocalist Marianne Rose, the band includes Dan Proctor on guitar/piano, Earl Bargen on bass, and Bill Peters on drums. Firmly entrenched in Manitoba's tradition of organic music, Red Rose Red has developed a full repertoire of thought-provoking original songs, with influences of classic rock, folk, country,... even a little jazz. They've thrown in a sprinkling of covers as well, including the songs of Alabama Shakes, The Police, U2, and even Led Zepplin - songs they all love and enjoy playing, just for the fun of it!

Ghosts of scandals with their roots withered. Ghosts of buffalo, solitary ghosts of pioneers, promises built and left to rust. (Prevailing Westerlies, ©) The members of Red Rose Red have forged an undeniable musical identity - reflecting the depth and breadth of soulful prairie life, and celebrating the simple joy of survival through Spring.

Waiting here for warmth of sun. Take me from the snow — There is the water that flows, Diamonds above shielding true wealth below. (Frozen River, ©)

** Full band and duo available!  **

Performed at:

Summer in the City (Steinbach)

Canada Games 150

Sandy Hook Fest (Winnipeg Beach, Summer Party)

Keesha's Kitchen

Goodwill Social Club

Le Garage Cafe & Bar Diner on 52 (Steinbach)

Rattlesnake Music Festival (King's Head Pub)

TMP Block Party (Winnipeg)

St. Amant Centre

Love Local MB

Neighbourhood Bookstore & Cafe

Amsterdam Tea Room & Bar

Station 8 Cafe

Anavets - John Osborn V.C. Unit 1

Le Garage Cafe & Bar

Sam's Place

The Stone

Winnipeg Winter Club

Glendale Golf & Country Club



Marianne Rose
Winnipeg MB Canada




"My Voice"


Red Rose Demo Reel from The Stone, Winnipeg, 2019 by Red Rose Red

"Live Love Loud" Debut Performance, 2017 by Red Rose Red

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