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It's not often you see a career path evolve the way that REIDØ's has, and continues to. Born Reid Hallson in Winnipeg CA, REIDØ is no stranger to the DIY approach of both the creation of music, and the business around it. Producer, audio engineer, DJ, songwriter, manager, and now singer... Hallson does it all. 
 After starting his career at the age of 12, focusing on behind-the-scenes production and writing work for other artists, Hallson launched his solo DJ act under the name of "REIDØ" in early 2020 with the release of his debut EP, "I'm Yours". The EP saw praise online and gained major support from a popular local DJ and radio host. 
 In November of that year, REIDØ worked with Canadian singer/songwriter Max Edwards to release his follow-up single, "For You". The song would go on to accumulate an even greater audience and become REIDØ's new most successful song. 
 Following the results of For You, Hallson and Edwards began work on a collaborative EP titled "Call It Off". The four track set brought new ears to REIDØ's music, and landed him two radio interviews and plays on Winnipeg radio stations (Energy 106.1 and 101.5 UoMFM). The EP also caught the attention of multiple social media personalities, most notably TikTok's "Whiteclaw Gabe". 
 In July 2022, after a year long break from releases, REIDØ announced a new twist to his brand via his socials. His new single titled, "NOSEBLEED" features Hallson as the solo vocalist and is out now on wherever you listen.


Reid Hallson
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