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A disruption from on high. A blast of crossed signals. A coming-together of sounds we know in different contexts colliding in the creation of something unexpected.  

There are many bands in Winnipeg. Rooftop Static doesn’t sound like any of them.

The five-piece – buoyed by influences as diverse as indie, jazz, pop, prog and grunge – defy easy categorization, though “alternative soul rock” or similar iterations fresh from the subgenre blender have been employed in the past in an attempt to pin them down.

Truth is, the band’s second album, Liminal Spaces, won’t make comparisons any simpler either.

A lot has changed since Rooftop’s 2017 debut, After Hello. Sonically, a new drummer and keyboardist (Adrian Kizlyk and Paula Kirkland) have fortified the group’s foundation and propelled the increasingly intricate arrangements with a more pronounced groove. But there’s more to it than that. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the band wrote Liminal Spaces knowing 2020 would be a year of unrest, uncertainties and unknowns.

“Even before the pandemic hit, the early days of working on this record felt like a huge transitional moment for us,” admits singer Scott Hinkson, whose soaring range and distinctive rasp is a big part of the band’s signature sound. “Thematically, many of the songs have this push-and-pull element to them, in the music and especially the lyrics, which mirrors a lot of the indecision and reflection people are experiencing in the midst of our current global predicament.”

Call it art foreshadowing life as lively first single “Save Face” see-saws in the space between sin and forgiveness, “Inside a Ghost” explores the in-between dividing soul and body, “Solstice” expresses a desire to move from one season to another, or “Keeper” and “Keep Chasing” deliberate between true love and true friends.

But while these songs may be new, they’re hardly untested. For the past 3 years, Rooftop Static – rounded out by founding members Russ Chan (guitar) and Patrick Farr (bass) – has spent three years writing, refining and performing at the city’s best live venues and high-profile local events, including the Canada Summer Games and multiple turns at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. It’s here where the band playfully connects the dots between its varied influences, with a repertoire of crowd-pleasing covers that run the gamut from ’80s radio pop (Billy Ocean, Men at Work) and ’90s alternative (Pixies, Jane’s Addiction) to classic soul (Bill Withers).

“Our crazy mix of influences and musicianship really gives us the freedom to cover a lot of ground,” says Chan. “I wouldn’t say any song is out of the question in terms of us putting our spin on it. Sky’s the limit.”


Russell Chan
Winnipeg MB Canada
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"Inside a Ghost" from Liminal Spaces



"Save Face" from Liminal Spaces



"Runaway" from After Hello


Too Late (Live at The Pyramid) by Rooftop Static

Right Insides by Rooftop Static

"Rodeo" - Rooftop Static at The Pyramid by Rooftop Static

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